The Sri Lanka Collection was established in 2014 and represents an exclusive collection of privately owned, highly individual Sri Lankan boutique hotels located in scenic destinations across Sri Lanka. In 2016, The Sri Lanka Collection also began promoting a handpicked collection of high-end Sri Lankan villas.

The Sri Lanka Collection was born out of a desire to faithfully represent boutique hotels in Sri Lanka in a growing market. Since 2010, tourist arrivals have steadily increased year-on-year. In 2018, Sri Lanka welcomed over 2.3 million foreign guests, 80 percent of whom were visiting for a holiday. British tourists accounted for the third largest group to visit Sri Lanka after India and China.

From its base in the UK, The Sri Lanka Collection works to increase the exposure of its Collection members and of Sri Lanka in general through frequent and direct dialogue with the UK and European travel trade. Extensive travel trade experience and an intimate, in-depth knowledge of the Sri Lankan boutique hotel market and travel industry enable the company to select only those properties that it feels reflect Sri Lanka’s authenticity, style and service standards. The result is a Collection that the British and European travel trade, media and direct clients can use and rely on with confidence.